Swimming pool equipment installation basic guide in Bangladesh

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1. Buried Poly Ethylene (PE) pipe gas lines shall be 18” below finish grade or in an approved recessed channel with
14 gauge insulated tracer wire; Galvanized malleable iron, galvanized wrought iron, or galvanized steel, are
prohibited materials for use underground. TESTING: TEST PRESSURE SHALL BE 3lbs FOR 10
2. Gas lines 6” or more above finish grade may be of Schedule 40 iron pipes without wrapping.
3. Piping installed above ground shall be securely supported and located where it will be protected from physical
damage. (Sec. 1211.1 U. P. C.)
4. Anti-entrapment type drain covers required per ASME/ANSI Standard A 112.19.8.
5. P-traps are required for all pools and spas.
6. Swimming pools or spas shall have at least two circulation drains per pump that shall be hydraulically balanced
and symmetrically plumbed through one or more “T” fitting, and that are separated by a distance of at least three
feet in any dimension between the drains.
7. Gas shutoff valve to be within 3 ft. of equipment are required for PE pipe. (Sec. 1210 U.P.C.)
8. Equipment venting to be a minimum of 4 ft. from building openings (Sec. 806.7 U.M.C.) and 4 feet from the
property line. (Sec. 416.6 Uniform Swimming Pool Code)
9. Non metallic electrical conduit shall be 18” below finish grade (P.V.C.) and 6” when below concrete and bonded
per Art. 680 N.E.C. (See table 300-5 for more information)
10. Hydrostatic relief valve is required for all pools and spas unless a soils report states otherwise.
11. Electric Pool Water Heaters. All electric pool water heaters shall have the heating elements subdivided into
loads not exceeding 48 amperes and protected at not more than 60 amperes.
The ampacity of the branch-circuit conductors and the rating or setting of overcurrent protective devices shall not
be less than 125 percent of the total load of the nameplate rating. (Art. 680-9 N.E.C.)
12. Underground Wiring Location. Underground wiring shall not be permitted under the pool or within the area
extending 5 feet horizontally from the inside wall of the pool. (Art. 680-10)
a. Exception No. 1: Wiring necessary to supply pool equipment permitted by this article shall be allowed within
this area.
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b. Exception No. 2: Where space limitations prevent wiring from being muted 5 feet or more from the pool
such wiring shall be permitted where installed in rigid metal conduit, intermediate metal conduit or a nonmetallic
raceway system. All metal conduits shall be corrosion-resistant and suitable for the location. The
minimum burial depth shall be as follows:
Wiring Method Minimum Burial (Inches)
Rigid Metal Conduit 6
Intermediate Metal Conduit 6
Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit Approved for Direct
Burial without Concrete Encasement 18
Other Approved Raceways* 18
13. Underwater lighting fixtures shall be per Article 680-20 N.E.C.
14. Fencing shall be a minimum of 5 feet high with 4 inches maximum between vertical members, and 2 inches
maximum between horizontal members. Bottom of fence to be within 2 inches of firm soil or 4 inches to pavement.
A self-closing and self-latching gate, swinging away from the pool, with the latch at a minimum of 5 feet
above grade. A 48” vertical non climbable portion in fence is required.
15. Pool and spa lights to be G.F.I. protected.
16. A convenience outlet shall be provided no closer than 10’ and no more than 20 feet from water’s edge and shall be
G.F.I. protected (Per Nec 680-6).
17. Hose bibs must have anti siphon.
18. Paint all exposed ABS and PVC with a water base synthetic Lucite paint unless piping is labeled UV resistant.
19. Handrail is required for two or more steps leading to a slide. If over 30” in height then guardrails are required. If
there is a permanent barrier, then this requirement can be omitted at the inspector’s discretion.
20. Swimming pool heating system must contain the following measures mandated by the State Energy Regulations:
b. A permanent weatherproof plate or card, easily readable, giving instructions for the energy efficient operation
of the swimming pool for the proper care of swimming pool when a swimming pool cover is used.
c. A length of plumbing (36 inches minimum) between the filter and the fossil fuel heater to allow for the future
addition of solar heating equipment.
d. Any fossil-fueled swimming pool heater shall have a thermal efficiency of at least 75 percent and shall be so
identified on the plans and the heater.
g. Swimming pool shall be equipped with directional inlet which provides for adequate mixing of the pool water.
21. All exposed metals measuring over 4 inches in dimension within 5 feet horizontally and 12 feet above the pool/spa
shall be bonded together.
22. Protective Barriers required for equipment in garage (Sec. 508).
23. Minimum of 18 inches above floor level is required for equipment located in the garage which generates a glow,
spark or flame (Sec. 508).
24. If equipment is installed within garage and has a separate approved compartment, air shall be taken from and discharged
to the exterior of the garage.
25. A special inspector certified by the City of Lake Forest shall be present during the placement of all gunite.
26. At least two of the following safety features listed below must be incorporated into your plans:
b. The residence shall be equipped with exit alarms on those doors providing direct access to the pool.
c. self-latching device with a release mechanism placed no lower than 60 inches above the ground.
d. The pool shall incorporate removable mesh pool fencing that meets American Society for Testing and Materials
e. The pool shall be equipped with an approved safety pool cover that meets all requirements of the ASTM
Specifications F 1346.
g. Other means of protection, if the degree of protection afforded is equal to or greater than the afforded by any
meeting standards for those devices established by the ASTM or the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Note: Prior to the issuance of any final approval for the completion of permitted construction or remodeling work,
the local building code official shall inspect the drowning safety prevention devices required by this act and if no
violations are found, shall give final approval.
27. Place the following stormwater pollution notes on the plans:
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Notes:
Stormwater pollution prevention devices and practices shall be installed and/or instituted as necessary to ensure
compliance to the City of Lake Forest Water Quality standards contained in Chapter 3. Water, of Division
8 of Title 6 of the Lake Forest Municipal Code and any Erosion Control Plan associated with this project. All
such devices and practices shall be maintained, inspected and/or monitored to ensure adequacy and proper
function throughout the duration of the construction project.

Compliance to the Water Quality standards and any Erosion Control Plan associated with this project includes,
but is not limited to the following requirements:
1. Sediments and other pollutants shall be retained on site until properly disposed of, and may not be
2. Stockpiles of earth and other construction-related materials shall be protected from being transported
from the site by the forces of wind and water flow.
3. Fuels, oils, solvents, and other toxic materials shall be stored in accordance with their listing and are
not to contaminate the soil and surface waters. Spills may not be washed into the drainage system, nor be allowed to settle or infiltrate into soil.
4. Excess or waste concrete may not be washed into the public way or any other drainage system. Provisions
shall be made to retain concrete wastes on site until they can be disposed of as solid wastes.
5. Trash and construction solid wastes shall be deposited into a covered receptacle to prevent contamination
of rainwater and dispersal by wind.
6. Sediments and other materials may not be tracked from the site by vehicular traffic.
Accidental deposits shall be swept up immediately and may not be washed down by rain or other
7. Any slopes with disturbed soils or removed vegetation shall be stabilized to inhibit erosion by wind
and water.
8. Stormwater pollution prevention devices and/or practices shall be modified as needed as the project
progresses to ensure effectiveness.
Energy Mandatory Requirements for Pool and Spa Heating Systems and Equipment
1. Certification by Manufacturers.
c. Instructions. A permanent, easily readable, and weatherproof plate or card that gives instruction for

g. Pilot light. No pilot light.
2. Installation. Any pool or spa heating system or equipment shall be installed with all of the following:
a. Piping.
If the system or equipment is for a pool:
The pool shall have directional inlets that adequately mix the pool water.

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