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Swimming pool construction

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• Extensive range of functional trims to create Finnish, Wiesbaden
and Berlin pool overflows
• Overflow channels for all systems with a variable channel volume
• Shallow drainage channel for the pool rim area
• Curved and cove base ceramic beading system for inside and
outside corners
• Addition of a cove base for wet areas to match the
design of the CROSSOVER, MY EARTH and X-PLANE ranges

Impressive technology and versatile design: thanks to the fact that its modular product range is always up to date, V&B Tiles is the competent partner for both the construction and renovation of swimming pools and wellness facilities. In addition to all the essential channel systems, our range includes a wide variety of supplemental functional trims and strips for swimming pools of all kinds. As a single-source supplier, we recognise the importance of offering attractive, high-quality tile ranges for the surrounding areas, wellness facilities, catering and food
service areas and other functional rooms, too. In particular, this includes the PRO ARCHITECTURA colour and format system, as well as the various vilbostone porcelain stoneware ranges in a wide selection of designs. We are able to assist architects and engineers in the planning of their projects with the following services:
• Individual technical advice for new construction and renovation projects
• CAD-aided detailed technical and design planning
• Customised tender texts

In order to satisfy the design demands of modern planning, comprehensive technical renovation work that is in keeping with modern standards, and accurate restoration, we offer an extremely wide range of trim systems for the realisation of swimming pools that are technically perfect. With our system ranges, which not only offer the necessary technical properties, but also attractive designs for all areas of a swimming pool, products from Villeroy & Boch Tiles ensure that architects and planners have full scope for individual design. In addition to the extensive PRO ARCHITECTURA colour and format system, we recommend our vilbostone porcelain stoneware ranges, which are sure to impress on both a technical and design level. The MY EARTH and X-PLANE ranges are of particular note here. Thanks to their natural charm and warm atmosphere they have already made their mark in numerous projects.

For the first time, Villeroy & Boch Tiles is also offering cove base trims to match the popular CROSSOVER, MY EARTH and X-PLANE design ranges. We are one of the first manufacturers to offer architects and planners a way of realising high-quality design concepts in functional areas, such as shower areas, changing facilities and toilets, without having to forego the technical advantages of a cove base.